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IOT Security Concepts


Thousands of organizations in a variety of industries are using IoT devices for various reasons. Mainly to operate more efficiently, understand customers to deliver better customer service, improve decision-making or to increase the value of the business. IoT can also make use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to aid in making data collecting processes easier and more dynamic. For an individual, the internet of things helps to live and work smarter.

These are the reasons that IOT devices are growing rapidly and exponentially. Today, Internet of things connects billions of devices to the internet and involves the use of billions of data points, all of which need to be secured. Due to its vast attack surface, It becomes really important that we pay correct attention to the IoT security.

IoT devices are closely connected and all a hacker has to do is exploit one vulnerability to get the access in the complete system. Manufacturers that don’t update their devices regularly — or at all — leave them vulnerable to cybercriminals. Additionally, connected devices often ask users to input their personal information, including names, ages, addresses, phone numbers and even social media accounts — information that’s valuable to hackers. Beyond leaking personal data, IoT poses a risk to critical infrastructure, including electricity, transportation and financial services.

It is of utmost important that we learn more about the cyber security related to the IOT. There is a significant knowledge gap between the rising IOT attack surfaces and available security professionals who knows how to handle them. In this course i have covered all the IOT security basic concepts which are required to understand about the IOT security.

You will learn below things –

– All the basics of IOT Security including tools for IOT hacking
– Understand the basics of IOT
– Understand the risks and vulnerabilities that affect IOT
– Know the protocols and operating systems used in the IOT
– What are the steps and tools for Hacking
– Countermeasures and best Practices for Staying Secure


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