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Securing Your Digital Frontier: Your Trusted Cybersecurity Shield

Sekurenet offers range of cybersecurity services including impactful awareness trainings, product security assessment and rigorous secure code reviews

Cybersecurity Trainings

Empower your team with the knowledge and skills to defend against cyber threats through our engaging and tailored cybersecurity awareness trainings

Application Security

Enhance your application security posture with our comprehensive solutions, ensuring robust protection against vulnerabilities and safeguarding your critical assets

Penetration Testing

Uncover vulnerabilities, identify weaknesses, and fortify your defenses with our rigorous penetration testing services, providing you with valuable insight

Product Security Assessment

Product security assessment is crucial for ensuring robust protection against vulnerabilities, safeguarding user data, and maintaining customer trust

It involves assessment of topics like audit logging, comprehensive testing, hardening, and recommendations to enhance the security of the product, ensuring the protection of sensitive data, user privacy, and resilience against cyber threats.

Cloud Security Testing

Cloud security testing involves evaluating the security measures and controls implemented within cloud-based systems and infrastructure to identify vulnerabilities, assess risks, and ensure the overall security and integrity of cloud environments. 

This testing includes assessing authentication mechanisms, data protection measures, network security, and overall compliance with industry best practices


25 Billion IOT devices expected to be in use by 2025. With these many devices online, security is a big issue for both corporate and individuals.  

Learn all the basic security concepts for Internet of things in this course. With 7 sections, 63 videos and 4 hours of content and several tools demo, we have covered all the concepts needed to start with IOT Security. 

Image showcasing IoT devices, including a smart door lock and a mobile device." Title: "Smart IoT Devices - Door Lock and Mobile
Cybersecurity Interview QUestions Book

Hundreds of Cybersecurity interview questions with detailed answer at one place

This is a comprehensive book designed to arm you with the in-depth knowledge needed to ace your cybersecurity interview. The book features a broad range of real-world interview questions, expertly designed to challenge and prepare aspiring cybersecurity professionals.

It closely examines a plethora of topics cloud security, penetration testing, network and application security, cryptography, Linux, Web application, among others. Each question is complemented by detailed, easy-to-understand answers that not only solidify your understanding, but also provide practical insights into the current cybersecurity landscape.

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