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About Us

Build your cyber security career

Sekurenet is a growing community where cyber security experts come together and produce content to give everyone the ability to be an expert in the cyber security field.

With many users worldwide, Sekurenet is a platform for preparing cyber security professionals for the next threat or growth in their career. Our mission is to provide our users high quality information security materials including training and career development and enable them to connect with each other.

The technology skills gap puts us at risk. Cyber security job openings are unfilled for months. College grads are unprepared. The lack of proper InfoSec skills create ample opportunities for the black hats. At Sekurenet, we are working to change this.

Why we are different

At Sekurenet, our efforts are that everyone should have the opportunity to progress through technology and develop the skills of tomorrow. With good quality posts, research and courses authored by cyber security experts, our platform helps individuals achieve a great insight in the cyber security field, speed up pen testing and build secure products through DevSecOps.

Cyber security is a challenging field which requires life-long learning and expertise in multiple different domains. At Sekurenet we are passionate about cyber security and we try to resonate same passion in others through sharing of knowledge.

Super Efficient

We collaborate with industry expert to gather reliable information in an efficient way.

Deeply Commited

We are deeply committed to share Cyber security knowledge as needed.

Highly Skilled

With more than two decades of experience in IT and security field we are highly skilled in the domain.