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Cybersecurity is a challenging field because it is constantly evolving. There are new threats and new ways to protect against them every day. This means that cybersecurity professionals need to be constantly learning and keeping up with the latest trends.

Here are few free but important resources to help you to get started. I wish someone would have given me these when I was starting. However, over the years i have gone through extremely valuable resources created by intelligent cyber security professionals. Now from whatever I learned, I am committed to offer as much as for free as I possibly can.

How To Get Started in Ethical Hacking: A Definitive Guide

Cybercrime is rising exponentially. Cybercrime may cost around $10.5 Trillion annually by 2025. To  companies, It may cause destruction of data, steal money, theft of intellectual property, post-attack  disruption to the normal course of business, ransomware attacks, and reputational harm. This trend is a strong signal that the demand for skilled Ethical Hackers is going to rise even further.

Here is a simple guide to start or accelerate your career in Ethical Hacking.

Self-testing using flashcards allows you to acquire new knowledge while also identifying any weak points in the topic. It’s preferable to find flaws when studying, when you still have time to change, rather than while you’re in the thick of a high-stakes exam.

Hundreds of virtual Flashcards are available on our website to help you prepare for practically any cyber security test. It’s all free!!